Casper Mountain Counseling & Consulting

Workshop offerings

Motivational Interviewing (MI) Training & Workshops

We offer a variety of options to meet your needs in learning and implementing Motivational Interviewing, 

1-day introductory training - This one day training is designed to introduce attendees to the Spirit, Processes and Skills of MI.  Participants will be able to describe what MI is along with the Spirit of MI.  Additionally participants will be learn the 4 Processes of an MI discussion along with the Skills of MI, also known as the OARS.  No prior knowledge of MI is required.

2-day immersive beginning workshop - In this 2-day workshop participants will learn the foundational  elements of MI, including the Spirit, Processes and OARS as well as focusing on skill development to help enhance application of MI in their practice.  This is an active learning environment, meaning participants will be engaging in live practice of the skills as they are learning them.  No prior knowledge of MI is required.  

1 or 2-day advanced skills workshop - These workshops are for those who have completed a beginning MI workshop and are looking for skills and strategies to enhance their use of MI in working with others.  This is an active learning environment with participants practicing new skills throughout the workshop.  Prior MI experience is expected for attendees.  

Individualized Coaching and Supervision - This option is for those looking to significantly enhance their practice of MI.  This will involved review of audio or video taped sessions.  We will work with you on development of a learning plan to enhance your MI skills.